The Story

Once upon a time in the Valley of Ellasar the fate of nations was settled in the dream cards of Aislinn. Kings and Queens from all corners of the world would travel great distances to obtain the content of dreams and the power to actualize them.

Aislinn began predicting dreams when she was a child of 7 years old. While the other kids in her village were climbing trees and playing in the forest she was mesmerized by numbers and symbols. Her eyes would roll back and she would start telling stories. When her neighbor dreamed the story Aislinn told the day before, in vivid colors her rare talent was actually discovered.

Soon the word spread and the Valley of Ellasar where Aislinn lived became a place of pilgrimage to almost every nobleman and ruler in the world. Many great Empires have started with a simple dream and grew to become iconic places and historical events that we can now visit or read about.

There was a time when King Jaffoor of Sarenville didn’t like his dream. He tried to bribe Aislinn with seven chests full of diamonds and gold to get a better dream. But she refused. She told him that she played no role in the outcome of the cards, she was only the messenger of good fortune and fate.

She kept using her ability till the end of her days. Aislinn lived to be One hundred and twenty seven years. And when she passed away people began searching for her illustrious dream cards.

The recent discovery a mysterious deck of cards has rekindled the flame that the story of Aislinn is not a myth, but a true story about a place where time has no meaning. A place that allows you to escape from a world of boundaries and obligations. A magical place where you dream with your eyes open.

We call on your intuition and your inner vision to join us on 14 th of July 2018 at Aquabest Eindhoven. We will lay a card just for you and maybe, just maybe, you will dream with your eyes open.

Daydream Festival – The cards of Aislinn