Daydream Festival

Saturday July 14th, 2018 from 13:00  – 24:00 hrs. (CET)

The entrance will close at 21:30 hrs.

Dream location

Our dream will take place on a new location in a new country: Recreatiepark Aquabest, The Netherlands

Address: Ekkersweijer 1, 5681 RZ Best

Minimum age

The minimum age for Daydream Festival is 18 years, no exceptions will be made. People born before July 14th 2000 will be granted access, anybody who turns 18 after Daydream Festival, is not permitted.

You should be able to identify yourself, either with a paspoort, ID or driver’s license. Please note that a copy of your identification document is not valid.


Pre Sale

The Pre Sale for Daydream Festival ends Saturday July 14th at 13:00 hrs. Tickets will be available for the door sale price of €52,50.

Door Sale

There are limited tickets available at the door. See you soon Daydreamers!

→ Go to Tickets

Hot weather measures

The weather will be in our favor this Saturday! The sun is shining and so are you! To make sure the heat doesn’t leave you under the weather, we took a few measures:

  • All types of sunscreen are allowed so make sure you use it. The KWF also takes care of a special counter where there is plenty of sunscreen available for all of you.
  • You can bring your water gun, as long as it is smaller than 20 cm and not filled with water when you enter the festival. The fight is on!
  • Luckily, the festival will take place alongside a lake so don’t hesitate to go into the water. Bring your swimsuit and turn your Daydream into a real beach party! For your own safety, you cannot go deeper than knee height into the water.
  • We will put extra waterpoints near the toilets so you will stay hydrated.

If you still feel too hot or dehydrated, our medical staff is happy to help. Better safe than sorry!

World Cup

What could be as important as dancing at Daydream Festival? The World Cup of course! This Saturday, Belgium will play against England for the third place. We will show the game at a screen at Daydream Festival so you won’t have to miss it.


To bring medication on the festival site, the medication needs to be in a closed package and you will need an official declaration of a doctor. In case of doubt, the medical staff will check the medication.

People with disability

This is an outdoor festival. Therefore not everything will be easy accessible for wheelchairs. Our staff gladly likes to assist, when necessary. If assistance is needed, please ask at the info desk.

There is no handicapped parking available. If you are not able to cover the distance between the parking lot and the festival site, there is a possibility to arrive closer to the entrance by car. If you would like to use this possibility, please ask for assistance of traffic control.

On the festival site, there are toilets available for disabled guests. The toilets are located at the First-Aid posts.

Zero tolerance

Because of the strict drugs- and drugs usage rules and regulations, the organisation applies a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. This means soft- and hard drugs, in any form, will not be accepted. Security will monitor strictly during entry through visitation and during the festival.

Selfie stick forbidden at Daydream

Selfie sticks are long, handheld poles used to capture that perfect photo of oneself! Unfortunately they are a forbidden item at Daydream Festival, so don’t try to bring one to Daydream, because they are not allowed.


There are plenty of Eventsafe lockers available at Daydream Festival. A locker will cost €7,-.


Celebrate safe

Nothing beats losing yourself in the music, dancing in bright sunlight, being part of a large crowd of mad-keen revellers, dancing until your feet hurt, chilling at the campsite, flirting with beautiful people and partying till you drop with your mates. Nothing beats celebrating the good life and sharing the love with all the merrymakers around you. But you know what’s even better? Getting home in one piece afterwards, in the very best of health.

Check the website for the the 10 pillars wich will help you to celebrate safe.