Getting there

Dream location

Recreatiepark Aquabest
Ekkersweijer 1 Best, The Netherlands


As soon as you are near Daydream, you can follow the directions to one of the car parks around the festival site. Please follow the directions of the police and the stewards on site. Parking will cost €10,- and payment has to be done on sight. If you want to use your navigation system to reach Daydream Festival, please enter ‘Aquabest’. Mind: Parking illegally will not be tolerated! You risk a fine or a towed away car.


There will be a bicycle shed nearby the festival site where you can park your bicycle for free. You can find a practical route planner for cyclists at

Public transport

Take the train to Eindhoven. You can check how to get to the station of Eindhoven with the route planner here. From Eindhoven, you can take a shuttle bus to the festival site, made available by Partyreizen. The shuttle ticket will cost €7,50 online and €10,- on sight.

The nearest bus stop is “Wilhelminabrug” in Best. For more information about public transport check Please bear in mind: the local public transport will not extend it services beyond their regular schedule.

Kiss & Ride

There is a Kiss & Ride area; you can be dropped off and picked up. Please follow the signs and the directions to the Kiss & Ride zone near the festival. Mind: Parking will not be allowed.

Special Belgian bus ticket

We hope all our dearest Belgian Daydreamers will travel with us to The Netherlands. Please join Daydream Festival in The Netherlands and show the Dutchies how to dream with your eyes open….it’s just around the corner. We’ve created an exclusive moving compensation, for those traveling from Lommel, Hasselt and Turnhout. For the symbolic price of €1 you can get on a bus and experience Daydream Festival.


Departure: Kristalpark, Balendijk –  12:30 hrs.
Return: 00:15 hrs.


Departure: Hasselt station, Stationsplein – 12:00 hrs
Return: 12:15 hrs.


Departure: Parking carrefour, parklaan 80-82 – 12:30 hrs.
Return: return 00:15 hrs.

Travel by bus to Daydream

Get your bus travel ticket with one of our travel partners in the ticket shop.

From The Netherlands

🚍 Party Bussen
🚍 Your Travel Coach

From Germany

🚍 Hardtours

From France

🚍 Festimove 

Organize your own bus trip?

Attention pre-registration is required. Pre-register your bus here. After registration you will receive further information about routes and parkings. Make sure you have a parking ticket for the bus. You’ll receive this ticket for free if you  register. If you don’t do this, parking will cost €40,- when you arrive.